Wrap-artee: Sunday, February 26

Actual conversation with a new basketball fan (NBF) during the first quarter of the NBA All-Star game:

NBF: So what’s the point of the All-Star game? To see who’s the best?

Trevi: Not really. The guys try and they have pride, but it’s more about entertainment and not getting hurt (*sorry Kobe*).

NBF: Wow, they aren’t playing defense at all. Why do people even bother watching this?

Trevi: Because there are cool dunks, ya know, a few highlights. And at the end, the big stars come out to prove who’s best.

NBF: But it doesn’t mean anything, right?

Trevi: Well, not really. The guys want a championship more than anything obviously. But winning an All-Star MVP is a nice notch on the belt. A good thing to throw on the old career tombstone.

During a commercial, we switched to the Oscars, and I realized that, with a few clever omissions, the conversation we just had could’ve described the biggest night in movies as well. My difficulty to explain the allure of the All-Star game translated to the big award show. Why do we tune in en masse?

We watch it mostly not to miss anything – “Of course I saw Wade break Kobe’s nose!”/”Of course I saw Angelina Jolie’s leg!” We have to slog through subpar entertainment and some sloppiness just to catch those few “ohmigod” moments and witness the last ten minutes when the superstars duke it out for the trophy.

I guess Pete Weber best summed up the sentiment that reigned this past Sunday evening. Pete won the PBA U.S. Open and capped off the dramatic win with a hearty celebration. Among some fist pumps and hand punches and bird flips, he screamed, “THAT IS RIGHT I DID IT!…WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I AM!!! DAMMIT RIGHT!!!”

Kevin Durant, Meryl Streep, and Jean Dujardin had a bit more tact, but if you wade through the B.S. and tuned in to their internal monologue, they probably said just about the same thing.


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